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The Danubia Shopping Centre is a modern shopping and entertainment centre. It is the first shopping centre in Bratislava with its own hypermarket. The Danubia Shopping Centre ceremonially opened its doors on 14 June 2000.

An advantage of this shopping centre is its easy accessibility both by car and public transport, together with a spacious parking area of 1300 parking spaces.

The total floor space of the Danubia shopping centre is 30 000 m², containing 30 different stores, including a hypermarket, an electronics store, an interior accessories store, a flower shop, pharmacists, along with clothing footwear, sports cosmetics, jewellery and children’s shops, small cafes and restaurants offering comfortable seating. In the field of services, the shopping centre offers shoe repair, dry cleaning, hairdressing, mobile operator (Orange) and banking services.




Long-term rental (brick-and-mortar units in the gallery, or in the Danubia Shopping Centre car park)

Contact: Synčáková Markéta,  marketa.syncakova@klepierre.com




Short-term rental (premises on the Danubia Shopping Centre arcade)

Contact: Zemanová Sylvia, info@oc-danubia.sk






Danubia Shopping Centre – Directorate


Panónska cesta 16, 851 04 Bratislava
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Klepierre Management Slovensko, s.r.o.
Panónska cesta 16,851 04 Bratislava
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Tel: 02/68 20 88 08
Fax: 02/68 20 88 07
E-mail: info@oc-danubia.sk


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